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December 22nd, 2016

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06:49 pm - La Légende du Roi Arthur - English subtitles

So, here's the file I made, basing it on my friend's Italian subtitles. I still don't have the DVD (buying Christmas presents was a priority) so I can't check anything, which means there might be problems such as a line pasted in the wrong place (at least I don't think I've left anything in Italian) or one that would appear mistranslated because I either didn't pay enough attention to notice a change or had to translate the new version from Italian, not knowing what the exact French words were. Also, as I decided to post this before sending it to the person who had offered to proofread my translation (in order to avoid keeping you waiting longer), there are probably some grammar mistakes here and there. Hopefully everything can be fixed sometime in 2017. Feel free to tell me about any problem you spot if you wish to help.

English subtitles La Légende du Roi Arthur
(SRT file to be dowloaded from box.com)
Thanks to Stanzinaïs for the transcript and Piroga for the synching

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it, and happy holidays to those who celebrate something else... including just a school break or a few days off work. ;)

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La Légende du Roi Arthur - English subtitles - French Musicals

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